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Cookbooks and More!

It's nice to have a cookbook as a reference when you want to make that special recipe.  So, we decided to feature a cookbook every week to help you build up your library.  Just click on the link send us an email if you have a cookbook that should be featured.

Cooking With Chef RouX:

The West Coast Way

Kindle Edition

This is a book of heartfelt and soulful expression through food. To chew, swallow, and feel the labor from hands of a God-given talent through the meaningful expressions of a flavor artist is an experience like no other. Indulging in a great meal is a blissful experience that brings humans together all over the world; from family to strangers. Many great memories are made at the dinner table over a tasty plate of food.

Chef Tara_edited.jpg

This cookbook has been written from deep inside of Chef Roux's soul.  Browse through and you'll find a meal for your entire family.

Some books are written and some are WRITTEN with experience from the dinner table.  I highly recommend this book in your library.                                                                                                                   Chef Rene Hewitt

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