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We've partnered with R.L.Schreiber

R.L. Schreiber, a company recognized for its commitment to excellence, specializes in producing premium culinary bases, sauces, spices, seasoning blends, and flavor enhancers that professional chefs and culinary establishments rely on. With a rich history of delivering exceptional ingredients, R.L. Schreiber shares Chef Hewitt's commitment to crafting products that meet the highest standards of taste and quality.

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Chef René Hewitt's Jams and R.L. Schreiber Partnered to

Create Exquisite Jam Creations



Chef René Hewitt's Jams and R.L. Schreiber Collaborate to Create Exquisite Jam Creations

[Jersey City, August 2023] - Renowned chef and culinary artist René Hewitt has teamed up with R.L. Schreiber, (R.L. a leader in providing high-quality culinary ingredients, to craft a collection of exquisite jams that will delight the palate of food enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike with sweet and savory jams.

Chef René Hewitt ( is celebrated for his innovative approach to flavors and his passion for creating exceptional culinary experiences. With a reputation that spans the globe, Chef Hewitt has consistently pushed the boundaries of taste and creativity.  His dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and his commitment to perfecting each recipe have garnered him widespread acclaim in the culinary world.

R.L. Schreiber, a company recognized for its commitment to excellence, specializes in producing premium culinary bases, sauces, spices, seasoning blends, and flavor enhancers that professional chefs and culinary establishments rely on. With a rich history of delivering exceptional ingredients, R.L. Schreiber shares Chef Hewitt's commitment to crafting products that meet the highest standards of taste and quality.

The collaboration between Chef René Hewitt and R.L. Schreiber brings together their expertise to create a line of jams that will redefine the way people experience this timeless spread. Combining Chef Hewitt's innovative flavor combinations with R.L. Schreiber's dedication to premium ingredients, the partnership aims to introduce a new level of sophistication to the world of fruit jams.


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The fig and Balsamic brown sugar Bourbon bacon jams are here and ready for you.  Get them now while supplies last.  Get them here!


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Lisa Walker


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Cultivating Team Spirit: Crafting a Collaborative Workspace in Business

Establishing a culture of collaboration is essential for achieving success in the dynamic realm of small businesses. Collaboration is crucial in enhancing efficiency, driving innovation, and improving team morale.

To guide your small business toward a future of collective achievement, consider adopting critical strategies designed to foster an environment conducive to teamwork. This roadmap, courtesy of Chef Rene Hewitt’s Jams, offers practical approaches to cultivating a workspace where collaboration flourishes.

Define Goals and Expectations

Initiating a collaborative project demands clarity in defining your targets — the bedrock for a shared vision guiding your team's efforts. Establishing precise expectations aligns your team's efforts, ensuring coherence in pursuing your objectives.

This alignment guarantees that every team member contributes effectively, moving in unison toward the set goals. The shared purpose fostered by this approach is critical to keeping everyone focused and motivated. Ultimately, such unity empowers your team to advance with unwavering determination toward achieving shared milestones.

Simplify Collaboration on Financial Processes

To enhance teamwork with your accounting department, particularly for billing purposes, employ an invoice creator that provides a selection of ready-to-use layouts. These layouts enable you to design personalized invoices integrating written content, visuals, your emblem, and additional elements, guaranteeing the distinctiveness of your brand.

Specifically, choose a sample invoice template that aligns with your business needs for a more tailored approach. Opting for an invoice generator that provides the flexibility to download your invoices in your preferred format enhances the efficiency of your bookkeeping processes.

Strengthen Bonds Through Team Activities

The heart of a cohesive team beats strongest when connections among its members are deep and genuine. Regular team-building exercises are a surefire way to sow the seeds of trust and camaraderie.

Whether through problem-solving challenges or creative workshops, these activities break down barriers, open lines of communication, and forge strong bonds that are the bedrock of an effective team. The resultant unity not only makes collaborative efforts more fruitful but also makes the workplace a more enjoyable environment for all.

Promote the Exchange of Knowledge

A culture that prizes the sharing of knowledge and insights among team members is a fertile ground for innovation and continuous improvement. Encouraging your team to exchange expertise will unlock a treasure trove of ideas and solutions to propel your business forward. This practice enhances your team members' skill sets and enriches your organization's collective intellect, making it more resilient and adaptable to changes.

Train in Communication and Conflict Management

In the tapestry of teamwork, effective communication and the ability to navigate conflicts constructively are threads that hold everything together. Providing your team with regular training in these areas equips them with the skills necessary to interact harmoniously and solve problems collaboratively. Mastering these competencies ensures that disagreements become opportunities for growth rather than obstacles, preserving the team's momentum and fostering a supportive and productive work environment.

Encourage Diverse Project Engagement

Your team's true potential is unleashed when individuals step beyond their conventional roles and engage in projects that cut across different functions. This cross-pollination of skills broadens the horizons of your team members and injects fresh perspectives into projects, enhancing creative problem-solving and innovation. Such a strategy not only enriches the individual's professional journey but also elevates the collective capability of your business to navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities.

Final Thoughts

The journey toward building a thriving small business is paved with the collective efforts of a team aligned with purpose and rich in diversity. By embracing the abovementioned strategies, you position your business as a beacon of collaboration, where teamwork is the engine of innovation and growth.

Challenges transform into opportunities in this environment, and individual achievements contribute to collective successes. Let the spirit of collaboration be the cornerstone of your business's culture, and watch as it propels you toward a future marked by sustained growth and success.


If you enjoyed this article, you can find more helpful content at!

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A Comprehensive Guide to Launching a Vegan-Friendly Bakery or Restaurant

By Patrricia Sarmiento

In a world increasingly conscious of health, animal welfare, and sustainability, starting a vegan-friendly bakery or restaurant can be a rewarding venture. However, it requires strategic planning, understanding your target audience, advocating for sustainability, and sourcing from ethical suppliers. This article from Chef Rene Hewitt’s Jams offers a comprehensive guide on how to successfully establish a vegan-friendly bakery or restaurant.

Conducting Thorough Research
Conducting extensive research is a vital step before launching a vegan venture. This includes understanding the vegan market and identifying potential competitors, which will help tailor your offerings to the unique needs of your target customers and distinguish your business in the market. Additionally, keeping abreast with the latest trends in vegan cuisine ensures that your offerings remain innovative and appealing, aligning with consumer demands.

Comprehending Your Target Audience
Grasping your target audience's needs is vital for a successful vegan-friendly bakery or restaurant. This involves understanding their dietary preferences, motivations for choosing vegan options, and spending habits, which can be achieved through customer surveys. Use this data to curate a menu that satisfies their dietary needs and reflects their values, whether they're health-related, environmental, or animal welfare concerns, and to competitively price your offerings while maintaining profitability.

Advocating for Sustainability
Advocacy for sustainability is crucial in running a vegan-friendly bakery or restaurant, encompassing the adoption of eco-friendly practices, waste reduction, and customer education on veganism. This can be achieved through the use of energy-efficient appliances, composting, biodegradable packaging, and careful planning of orders to minimize waste. Furthermore, educating customers about the benefits of veganism, whether through signage, workshops, or social media, not only builds a loyal customer base but also positions the business as a leader in the vegan movement.

Sourcing from Ethical and Fair Trade Suppliers
Running a successful vegan-friendly bakery or restaurant requires sourcing from ethical and fair trade suppliers. These suppliers should employ sustainable farming practices, free from harmful pesticides and GMOs, respect workers' rights by providing a living wage, and actively reduce their carbon footprint while minimizing waste. By choosing such suppliers, your business can offer genuinely vegan-friendly and sustainable products.

Hosting Events and Fostering Collaborations
Organizing attractive events and fostering local collaborations can significantly strengthen the community around a vegan-friendly bakery or restaurant. Such events, like vegan cooking classes, wine tastings, or book clubs, can draw in new clientele, enhance loyalty among current customers, and establish the business as a vegan community center. Collaborations with other local businesses, such as gyms or farms, can also provide mutual benefits and further establish the business's presence in the community.

Delivering Outstanding Customer Service
Exceptional customer service is crucial for the success of your vegan-friendly bakery or restaurant. This includes training your staff to be well-versed in your offerings and the advantages of veganism, enabling them to confidently answer queries and provide recommendations. Swift responses to customer inquiries and professional handling of
complaints, coupled with a system to monitor customer feedback, can significantly enhance your service and offerings.

Maintaining Well-Organized Business Records
Utilizing online converters for efficient document management is a game-changer in today's digital world. One of the key tools in this process is to use a PDF file converter. This tool can transform various file formats into a more accessible and secure PDF format, streamlining document storage and sharing. It also enhances the ease of creating new documents from electronic templates and online forms. Moreover, digital file conversion mitigates risks associated with traditional document storage, safeguarding valuable organizational information. Implementing such converters in a document management system can significantly speed up business processes, reduce operational costs, and offer fine-grained document management and organization. Incorporating these tools is a step towards the future of document management, aligning with predicted trends in this field.

In conclusion, starting a vegan-friendly bakery or restaurant involves conducting thorough research, understanding your target audience, advocating for sustainability, sourcing from ethical suppliers, hosting events, delivering outstanding customer service, maintaining organized business records, and utilizing online converters for efficient document management. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of successfully launching your vegan-friendly venture here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Transform Your Family's Habits with
Healthy Eating

By Patricia Sarmiento

Eating well is important in every stage of life. How we eat directly affects how we heal from injury, prevent illness, and cope with negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Want to keep your family on track with healthy eating? The following tips from In the Kitchen with Chef Rene Hewitt will help create a healthier lifestyle.

Know the Benefits of Eating Well

When we think of eating healthily, we may associate that with our weight. While eating well can help diminish the numbers on the scale, there are many more reasons to eat healthier meals. For example, healthy foods equal healthy moods. Some studies show you may even be able to ward off depression with healthy eating. B-vitamins and iron are especially important for mood stabilization, so make certain you and your family are eating enough leafy greens and healthy proteins. You may notice that your ability to focus is enhanced when you eat a balanced diet. That's because proper nutrition can aid brain function and boost memory.

Make Healthy Versions of Family Favorites

Giving up comfort food can be one of the hardest aspects of switching to healthier eating habits. One way to help make the transition easier is to experiment with recipes that are old favorites. Instead of abandoning your guilty pleasures, make them healthier.


For example, fried chicken can be baked to get a similar crunch. Homemade salad dressings tend to have a lot less sugar than store-bought brands. When you make your own with Greek yogurt you are also boosting gut health with probiotics, which can help with digestion and boost the immune system. Yogurt isn’t the only way to achieve this, however. Fermented foods (like sauerkraut) and probiotic supplements can help, too.


Check out In the Kitchen with Chef Rene Hewitt for great tips and recipes to keep your family eating well and staying healthy!

Add Jams to Your Diet

Adding a variety of jams to your family's diet can be a delightful way to introduce new flavors and textures to everyday meals. Jams, like the tangy Cranberry and Ginger Jam, not only add a punch of flavor to toast and sandwiches but also provide a boost of antioxidants and vitamins.


Pumpkin Jam, with its rich and creamy texture, is perfect for spreading on warm bread or swirling into yogurt, offering a delicious way to incorporate more fiber and nutrients into your family's diet. For those who enjoy a balance of sweet and savory, Tomato Jam and Chipotle is an excellent choice. This versatile condiment pairs well with cheeses, grilled meats, and roasted vegetables, adding a hint of smoky spice and natural sweetness.


Lastly, Sweet Baby Cherry Jam is a delightful treat for kids and adults alike. With its bright, fruity flavor and natural sweetness, it's an excellent addition to breakfast or dessert time. By incorporating these unique and delicious jams into your family's diet, you'll not only elevate the taste of your meals but also reap the benefits of their nutritional content.

Make Small Changes that You Can Sustain

The best way to start making changes in your family's diet is to start small. Incremental changes are easier to maintain than drastic ones that require you to make changes right away. Instead of doing a complete overhaul, focus on one change at a time. Try some healthier breakfast options, for example. By easing into changes, you can help your whole family adjust to this new lifestyle at a reasonable pace, and you may see greater success.

Eat Organic, Grow Organic

Because the process usually produces smaller yields and is more labor intensive, organic foods are probably always going to cost more. Whether or not the extra cost is worth it, however, is going to be up to each individual family. One thing nearly any family with a yard can do is to grow a garden, where growing organic is usually cheaper, because you aren’t spending money on industrial fertilizers or pesticides.


You can fence off your garden for less than the expense of raised beds, which are all the rage. If you’re in the market for a new home, keep the idea of a garden in your mind when you look at potential houses. Even with the cost of New Jersey homes on the rise, being able to raise your own produce can cut down on your grocery bill and help your loved ones to eat healthier, too. Plus, the family will be more excited about the farm-to-table concept when you’re the farm and the table.


There are great free resources online for gardening tips. Click here to learn more about which plants grow in your area and how to take care of some common pests. Home gardening can also be a great learning experience for your entire family. They’ll get to see the plant life cycle firsthand, and understand how to manage common pests.

Bring Kids Into the Kitchen

One of the best ways to get kids to eat dinner is to have them take part in the cooking or preparation. If they participate, they may be more invested in the meal and may be more excited to see how it tastes when it’s done. Cooking together is fun and can be a way for the family to bond. Get young kids involved with snacks they can prepare themselves. They can help with any number of fun, healthy dishes. Kids with healthy eating habits are likely to keep them for the rest of their lives.


If your family really gets into meal prep and cooking, you could start a side business together. You could offer in person or even online cooking classes for kids (or families) or go bigger with your gardening and open a plant or vegetable nursery!

Help Your Family Love to Eat Healthy

Adopting healthy eating habits as a family can have numerous benefits that go well beyond just improving physical health. Eating together as a family fosters closer relationships and creates opportunities for bonding and learning about one another. Adopting healthy eating habits can also have positive impacts on mental health, as a balanced diet can help reduce stress and improve mood. Additionally, instilling healthy habits in children early on can set lifelong patterns that promote overall well-being. So, whether it's cooking at home, trying new recipes, or simply making more mindful choices when eating out, there are plenty of ways to transition towards a healthier lifestyle as a family.

Floating Fruits

Chef Rene Hewitt's Jams is a family-run business founded in New Jersey. Our jams are made with fresh, locally sourced fruits and are cooked in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Our range of jams has something for everyone, from classic strawberry to the more adventurous flavors like blueberry-lemon. We strive to use only natural preservatives and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible taste and texture. Our jams are perfect for spreading on toast, topping off a dessert, or adding a unique flavor to sauces. Enjoy the delicious taste of Chef Rene Hewitt's Jams today!


It's 2023 so why not start the new year off with some shopping?  Place your order now, for the Spicy Chipotle Tomato Jam and other 12 delightful fruit sensations.

Order your regular jar of Jam.  They are made with low sugar, yet great on toast, burgers, pancakes, waffles or just use your imagination,

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Stuffed Red Peppers


Frittata as a Snack


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Stuffed Collard Greens


Fried GreenTomatoes


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